Pre-ordering a next-gen console doesn’t guarantee it will arrive on launch day, Amazon has warned. The retailer has emailed customers warning them that pre-ordered Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S may not arrive on 10th November as planned.

Amazon recently emailed PS5 pre-order customers to tell them the same. Disgruntled customers have been posting these emails on Twitter.

Amazon puts this possible delay down to “high demand”. That’s no guarantee that shipments will be delayed, however. Amazon could just be covering its back just in case.

This console generation’s pre-orders haven’t exactly gone smoothly. The PS5 sold out early, and while more stock has arrived at some retailers, it’s done so in fits and starts, and sold out almost immediately. The Xbox Series X and S have also sold out pretty much everywhere.

Pre-orders for Microsoft’s console went live on 22nd September, ahead of their 10th November launch. Sony’s PS5s were available to pre-order from 17th September, with the consoles launching on either 12th or 19th November, depending on which country you’re in.


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