Euskaltel dismisses sale rumours

José Miguel Garcia, the CEO of Spain’s Euskaltel, has said that rumours that it is planning asset sales or alliances are without foundation.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with El Economista, he added that although it is obliged to study all the possibilities that represent creation of value or help its business plan, there is nothing on the horizon in these directions. Fortunately, Spain is a very mature telecom market and Euskaltel already has agreements in place with Adamo, Telefónica and Orange.

Garcia spoke about the pros and cons of cable compared to fibre, with the former better in competitiveness, reliability, efficiency and quality of service and latter in lower maintenance costs and ability to become a bargaining chip compared to other infrastructure companies and operators. That is why Euskaltel is expanding fibre in its coverage area.

Garcia also spoke about the success of Virgin Telco and expressed disappointment that there are no OTT offers to watch football in Spain despite the model being successful in other countries.

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