You don’t need huge speakers to get premium sound. Depending on your situation, a small system – a decent one, that is – can do the job admirably, filling your room with sweet-sounding music without taking up much space.

The KEF LSX is testament to that. The compact all-in-one system won a What Hi-Fi? Award in 2019, and is one of our favourite small systems around.

This page brings together all the best KEF LSX deals around, so if the LSX is available with a discount anywhere, you’ll see it flagged below. Amazon Prime Day is getting closer by the second, so expect to see plenty more deals where these came from.

The KEF LSX can stream music via wi-fi or ethernet using DLNA or Tidal, all from within the KEF Stream app. Spotify Connect, Roon, aptX Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay 2 also come as part of the package.

Want more? You can hook them up to a TV or mobile device, and there’s a subwoofer output for adding more bass. There’s even a separate app dedicated to setting up and tweaking the system’s sound output. Control is quite literally at your fingertips.

Most crucially, the LSX produce a wonderfully coherent sound: it’s expressive, tonally even and rhythmically astute. There’s a great amount of detail on show, along with plenty of dynamic discretion.

Add to this the speakers’ bright, lively colour choice, and you’ve got a system that demands to be heard in spaces big or small.


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